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by Ana de Lima


Find our exquisite handmade Portuguese filigree jewelry collection. With a passion for design, love of tradition, and the inspiration of the contemporary era, our filigree jewelry are true pieces of art. Appreciate the fine art of expertly crafted jewelry that makes a statement and shows your status as a connoisseur of fine jewelry.

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Filigree passion offer a wide range of handmade filigree jewelry made by our local artisans. Making filigree jewelry is an art. It takes years to perfect and our artisans are dedicated to their craft. Our filigree jewelry are all made by Portuguese Filigree artisans. They are skilled at their craft and produce astonishingly intricate designs that will suit your tastes. Our master Portuguese jewelers are experts at crocheting fine strands of precious metals (gold or silver) into lovely ornate designs. And some of our designs feature gemstones. For lovely handmade Portuguese jewelry to add to your fine collection or as a gift, choose handmade Portuguese filigree from our company Filigree Passion by Ana de Lima.